Yesterday, Kamala Harris attended a “Build Back Better” roundtable with Milwaukee Black business owners. At the roundtable, Harris discussed how a Biden-Harris administration would advance racial equity as part of our nation’s economic recovery. The roundtable discussion included Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Co-Founder of Y.E.S. Qaiyim “Que” El-Amin, Vice President of JCP Construction James Phelps, Sherman Phoenix Co-Founder JoAnne Sabir, Director of the Office of Violence Prevention Reggie Moore and Founder of Jet Constellations Nadiyah Johnson.

“We had the opportunity to really dig deep and have a conversation around what could be possible if the proper infrastructure and support was available for all the neighbors,” said JoAnne Sabir.

“It is especially meaningful that this is the first Black female vice president candidate. I mean it’s obviously monumental and so it’s great to be in the room with such incredible history,” said Nadiyah Johnson.

“A lot of times our voices aren’t heard, and we’re not at the table with a lot of things, so for her to to come and hear a lot of the interest and concerns as it relates to Black small businesses in Milwaukee, that’s going to be very, very important and insightful, said Cynthia Brown,” said Cynthia Brown.

“It is an important thing for us to have leaders who care, leaders who are going to show up and listen to the concerns, especially with so many black business owners at the table right now and you juxtapose that with the White House’s recent decision to cancel all trainings related to race and it’s unfortunate that at a time when we have so many disparities here in Milwaukee and in the state of Wisconsin and all across the country that Donald Trump will not respond to that crisis within a crisis,” said Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes

Joanne Sabir highlighted the opportunity to discuss economic advancement with Harris: 

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Cynthia Brown praised Harris’ commitment to making sure Black business owners have a seat at the table:

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Nadiyah Johnson emphasized the historical significance of the discussion with Harris:

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JoAnne Sabir:

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes:

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