Yesterday, former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske endorsed Joe Biden, citing his integrity and ability to unite the country. Justice Geske was previously nominated to the bench by two Republican governors, including Tommy Thompson.

In a statement, Justice Geske said in part:

“As a former justice, I’ve never been one to wade into politics. In fact, throughout my life I’ve voted for both Republicans and Democrats. Like so many folks across Wisconsin, I vote for the person — not the party — and sometimes that decision is hard. But for me, the choice in this election is clear. Joe Biden has the experience and character we need in the Oval Office. While Donald Trump has torn our country apart, Joe will bring our country together and work with both sides of the aisle. I want a president our children and grandchildren can look up to again. That’s why I’ll be casting my ballot for Joe Biden.”

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ‘I just decided I couldn’t stand it anymore’: Janine Geske, former state Supreme Court justice, endorses Joe Biden for president

Janine Geske, a retired state Supreme Court justice appointed by Republican former Gov. Tommy Thompson, on Thursday endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president.

Geske said this was the first time in “40 years, at least” that she endorsed a candidate for partisan office.

“I am, one, so very upset with this president and what he has done with the country and our institutions,” Geske said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel. “And, secondly, I have such confidence in Joe Biden that he’s the kind of peacemaker, intelligent, hard-working kind of guy that we need in the presidency.”

Geske was appointed by Republican former Gov. Lee Dreyfus to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in 1981, then appointed in 1993 by Thompson to the Supreme Court, where she served until 1998.

More recently, she served as a professor at Marquette University Law School and director of the school’s Restorative Justice Initiative.

Geske is currently a member of the Marquette University Board of Trustees. Over the summer, she and two other retired judges were picked by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to decide who should serve on a commission to draw new legislative maps.

Geske said that while she enjoys her sense of neutrality, she felt the need to speak up.
“I just decided I couldn’t stand it anymore,” she said. “Things are so bad in this country now, we just need to turn it around.”

She added that she’s voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

“I vote for the person, and their values,” Geske said. “The party isn’t as important to me.”

She said she’s concerned about what has been happening to the country’s democratic institutions, especially when it comes to the courts and the independence of the judiciary.

“What’s important is our country, and our ability to have a leader who has civility and who can lead a country with integrity. We don’t have that right now,” Geske said. “I believe that leaders have a responsibility to set an example for young people.”


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TMJ4 (NBC) Milwaukee: ‘Too important for me not to endorse’: Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske endorses Joe Biden

MILWAUKEE — Former state Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske has made a lot of decisions on the bench but endorsing a candidate is a first for her.

“I have gone 40 years without endorsing or working for a partisan candidate, but I feel so very strongly about this election that I decided, after all this time it was too important for me not to endorse.”

Justice Geske – who was appointed to the state’s high court by former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson – says she’s backing Joe Biden.

“The thing I like about Joe Biden is that I think he has the capability of talking to both sides,” said the former justice. He’s been around for a long time. He’s done that in the past.”

Her endorsement comes as President Trump gets ready to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“You know she was such a remarkable woman,” said Geske “I’m concerned for our judiciary, I’m concerned for all the democratic institutions we have. And I think that it’s very important that Joe Biden get elected.”

Geske says she has voted for both Republicans and Democrats over the years.

The Democratic presidential nominee leads President Donald Trump in the most recent Marquette Law School Poll 47%-43% which is within the margin of error.


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