Today, Hmong American elected officials from across Wisconsin announced their endorsement of Joe Biden as the clear choice in November. The endorsement comes after Hmong leaders from Wisconsin, Minnesota and across the country held a virtual rally this weekend to discuss what’s at stake this election and show their support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — who is the first Asian American to be nominated on a presidential ticket by a major party.

Recently, when Joe Biden visited Manitowoc, Wisconsin he met with retired Hmong Veteran Captain Cher Kai Xiong who served with American troops in the secret war in Laos as part of his efforts to recognize and commemorate the sacrifices and service of the Hmong community. According to the 2010 Census, there are over 47,000 Hmong Americans living in WIsconsin — comprising the largest Asian ethnic group in the state.

“The Hmong community has the opportunity to make the difference in this election here in Wisconsin,” said Pelli Lee, La Crosse School Board Member. “I’m proud to support Joe Biden and we must all come together to send a proven leader to the White House who will unite us and restore the soul of this nation.”

“Wisconsin’s Hmong community knows that Joe Biden will fight for the issues important to working families,” said Stevens Point School District Board Member Ann Vang. “He has a real plan to build our economy back better, assist our small businesses, strengthen the middle class, and invest in education. The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher and it’s crucial we mobilize our communities and get out the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

“I strongly believe that for the United States to continue progressing towards a more perfect union, we need a leader that can unite the left and the right, focused on moving us forward as a truly united nation,” said Weston Village Trustee Yee Leng Xiong. “I believe that leader is Joe Biden.”

“In the face of crisis, you see a leader’s true character and it’s clear President Trump has failed that test,” said Eau Claire City Councilmember Mai Xiong. “Instead of bringing people together to combat this pandemic, he has only worked to divide us further and cast blame — especially on the AAPI community. Joe Biden will stand up to the hate and put forward a national strategy to get this pandemic under control.”

As president, Joe Biden would implement a bold agenda for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community that builds upon the work he did as Vice President and Senator. Joe Biden fought alongside President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act and expand access to health care for two million AAPIs and will protect that progress in the White House. He’ll also invest in education, counter the rise in hate crimes and anti-Asian discrmination that has been exacerbated by President Trump’s rhetoric, combat climate change, strengthen small business growth in AAPI communities, eliminate language barriers to vital services and resources, and disaggregate data to achieve equal representation.

The following leaders endorse Joe Biden:

  • Ka Lo, Marathon County Board Supervisor
  • Yee Leng Xiong, Weston Village Trustee
  • Chai Moua, Portage County Board Supervisor
  • Mai Xiong, Eau Claire City Councilmember
  • Ann Vang, Stevens Point School Board Member
  • Pelli Lee, La Crosse School Board Member
  • John Lor, Eau Claire City Councilmember
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