Cindy McCain on John McCain: “I mean, he loved Joe Biden like a brother.”
In an interview with Fox6 Milwaukee, Cindy McCain — a lifelong Republican — praised Joe Biden’s ability to unite the country and be a president for all Americans, regardless of party. The wife of the late Senator John McCain and mother of combat veterans also slammed President Donald Trump’s disgraceful comments about members of our armed forces.

Watch on Fox6 Milwaukee

Key excerpts from the interview are included below:

“What the president said about losers and suckers, that was kind of it for me. Because my sons both have been in combat, and that changes you as a family. And for someone to allude that perhaps my sons were losers or suckers because they chose to serve their country, with dignity and honor. Sorry, that was it for me.”

“He’s a guy, as you know, he and my husband didn’t agree on much, but they both worked across the aisle with each other and other members to get whatever they needed to get done. That’s what leadership is.”

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