Today, Biden for President announced the launch of #HazLoXMi, a Get Out The Vote initiative geared at mobilizing Puerto Rican voters living in Florida and Pennsylvania. The campaign includes print and digital ads highlighting the power Puerto Ricans have to shape the future of our country. The campaign seeks to urge Puerto Ricans on the island to influence their Puerto Rican family and friends living in the US to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“#HazLoXMi” includes Spanish digital and print ads running in Puerto Rico, Florida and Pennsylvania. A variety of island residents are featured, urging their family and friends to use their vote to help those living on the island. They remind the audience of what is at stake this election—health care, education and a better future.

A digital ad Usa tu Voto” features upbeat music with the lyrics “usa tu voto por nosotras para hablar,” use your vote to speak for us. The ad closes with the reminder “con tu voto allá nos ayudas acá,” which translates to “with your vote over there, you help us here.”

Print ads:

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