Yesterday, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Congressman Ron Kind hosted a Wisconsin “Build Back Better” roundtable on Joe Biden’s economic recovery plan to create good-paying green infrastructure jobs.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “The Midwest needs someone like Joe Biden who is relentlessly focused on bringing the American people together, who understands that this election is a contest for the soul of this nation. And who understands that there is no future for America if we have to choose between a vibrant, strong economy in the heartland or between doing the right thing about climate change and securing a better future for the younger generation. Our country can only move ahead if we do both of those things…[Biden’s] plan will harness the possibilities and capabilities of American workers to put us on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions economy wide…We’ve got some decisions to make as a country about whether we’re going to play catch-up or get ahead… This is the right kind of prioritization that is going to strengthen our economy, prepare us for a greener future, and allow America to get ahead globally…”

Congressman Ron Kind: “Not only does Biden have a plan to combat the coronavirus pandemic that’s in our midst, but also what we can do working together to heal the divide and build back America stronger and more equal, ultimately, with economic opportunity… Donald Trump had one job when he became president — don’t screw it up and allow the economy to grow…But instead, President Trump failed to recognize that the strength of our economy is directly tied to the health of all Americans…”

In an interview with WEAU, Buttigieg discussed how Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan will help Wisconsin farmers leverage new sustainable technologies to increase productivity and profit.

Mayor Pete took part in a virtual “Biden for President” roundtable discussion after Biden revealed his “Build Back Better” plan last week that looks to help grow the economy by supporting rural farms in Wisconsin and investing in sustainable and renewable energy.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, from 2017 thru 2019, Wisconsin lost 1,654 farms. Mayor Pete says the recent comments from the Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue that farms “need to go big or get out” is devastating to our country’s heartland.

Buttigieg says, “America has been built, especially rural America has been built on the tradition of family farms that have also been more sustainable and more a part of our solutions to our climate future. And it’s just one more reason why we need a change in this administration. The president might talk a big game about this part of the country but it’s clear he doesn’t understand it and it’s clear that his policies are not working for farmers or for our families.”

WKBT highlighted Buttigieg’s comments underscoring how Biden’s plan will create good, union jobs while also building up our country’s sustainable infrastructure.

Today former presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Congressman Ron Kind hosted a virtual Roundtable on Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan to build a clean energy future.
Olson Solar Energy of Onalaska was part of that discussion as they talked about the need to deliver more clean energy.

Buttigieg says, “Sometimes when they talk about green jobs, I think it creates an image that makes it sound newfangled or hard to get our heads around. The reality is we’re largely talking about good union jobs. Jobs that we can picture right now. Electrical workers, and plumbers and carpenters, workers in agriculture and manufacturing.”

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