As Americans continue searching for real leadership among a raging pandemic, economic crisis, and civil unrest, Biden for President released new ads that paint a sharp contrast between Donald Trump’s America and Joe Biden’s vision for a path forward. The ads show how Trump fans the flames of division and fuels violence, while Biden would be a leader that unifies the country, tackles our country’s pressing problems head on, and fulfills his commitment to protecting American’s health care during the pandemic.

The ads are part of the $47 million the campaign is spending across broadcast and digital this week, running on national cable channels and in key battleground states, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Fresh Start is a 0:60 ad that shows how Joe Biden can put the darkness of the past four years behind us and start fresh with real leadership. It calls for an end to the anger, division, and violence that Trump has inflamed and shows how Biden’s proven leadership experience can help our country get things done — control the virus, help working families, expand affordable health care access, take on climate change, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Additionally, as the campaign continues targeted efforts to reach older Americans, it is launching a new 0:30 ad called Sacred” that calls out Trump for breaking our country’s sacred promise to seniors by proposing to eliminate funding for Social Security, and it emphasizes Joe Biden’s commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Watch “Fresh Start” HERE.

Watch “Sacred” HERE.

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