Today, Biden for President as it continues to reach every voter announced new Spanish and Bilingual ads targeting Latino voters in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. The ads hit Trump for his failed leadership and the effect it’s had in Latino families’ well-being, especially the 42,000+ who paid with their lives. The ads emphasize Latinos’ ability to build back better by voting for a president who will stand and fight for all Americans.

Somos Todos,” We Are Everyone is a digital and TV bilingual ad set to launch in Florida and across Arizona. On display are the parallels between Latinos and Joe Biden, and the values both hold dear — family, hard work and faith. The ad addresses how the two might not come from the same place, but they share the same outlook for the future.

Nuestro Destino,” Our Destiny is a Spanish digital and TV ad airing in Orlando and Tampa highlighting the strength and resilience of Puerto Ricans particularly through Trump’s failed response to Hurricane Maria. The ad states that they are not at the mercy of fate, their future is shaped by their decisions and they have the power to vote for a better tomorrow.

In Texas, the Biden for President campaign is launching its first Spanish Language Television ad with Somos Alguien,” We Are Somebody. The ad quotes Trump as saying COVID-19 “affects elderly people, it affects virtually no one, it’s an amazing thing” dispute the virus claiming the lives of more than 200,000 Americans — 42,000 of them Latino. The lives lost during the pandemic includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers. The ad ends with a call to vote early for an administration that will value and protect the lives of all Americans.

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