Today, Biden for President released a series of ads laying out an uplifting final message and call to action to the Black community. The series of ads range from Joe Biden speaking directly with voters about his plan to ensure Black Lives Matter is a policy mandate to Senator Kamala Harris explaining what can change when you vote to a soaring vision of the power of the Black vote set to the music of Andra Day. The ads are a part of a nationwide closing investment and mobilization message to the Black community.

“Black Lives Matter”

The ad entitled “Black Lives Matter” features Joe Biden speaking directly to voters about how he would meet inequity head on. Joe Biden lays out his plan to ensure African Americans get a fair shake at economic opportunity, health care, criminal justice, education and housing. The 60 second and 30 second ads will run on TV and radio nationwide, including in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio.

Watch “Black Lives Matter” HERE.

Joe Biden Lays Out his Plan

In a series of four 15 second direct-to-camera ads, Joe Biden lays out how he will get COVID under controltackle police misconductdecriminalize Marijuana and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The ads are a part of Joe Biden’s closing message to voters nationwide and will run on TV and radio.

Watch “Joe Biden on COVID-19” HERE.
Watch “Joe Biden on Policing” HERE.
Watch “Joe Biden on Decriminalizing Marijuana” HERE.
Watch “Joe Biden on a $15 Minimum Wage” HERE.

“Vote for Change”

In an ad entitled “Vote for Change”, Senator Kamala Harris explains what can change when we vote. Senator Harris directly asks voters to cast their ballot for the Biden-Harris ticket. The 30 second ad will run nationwide on TV and radio including in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Arizona.

The ad is released alongside a 15 second message laying out Senator Harris’ commitment to reform the criminal justice system and automatically expunge prior marijuana use convictions.

Watch “Vote for Change” HERE.
Watch “Prior” HERE.

“Rise Up”

The ad entitled “Rise Up” features the faces of Black Americans from across the country, emphasizes that your vote is your voice and ends with Joe Biden reminding voters that “this is your campaign.” The ad features the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day.

Today’s release is part of a robust campaign closing message effort nationally and in key battleground states to educate and energize Black voters. This 60 second and 30 second ad will run nationwide with targeted placement in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Georgia. The ads will run on television and digital.

Watch Rise Up HERE.

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