Today, Biden for President released a new TV ad highlighting Joe Biden’s plan to help Milwaukee’s economy build back better after Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic. The ad titled, “Unemployment Rates,” underscores how Vice President Biden will fight for working families, while President Trump sides with Wall Street and wealthy corporations. Despite unemployment doubling in the Milwaukee area alone since February, President Trump has proposed a new $30 billion tax break for the 100 richest Americans. As president, Joe Biden’s “Made in America” plan will create good-paying jobs and ensure American products are made by American workers.

“This election is a clear choice between someone who cares about the wealthy and well connected and someone who has working families’ backs,” said Biden for President Wisconsin State Director Danielle Melfi. “President Trump’s failed leadership has created an economic crisis that has left behind hard working folks in Milwaukee and benefited the rich. As President, Joe Biden will build the economy back better for working families, not Wall Street investors.”

Watch “Unemployment Rates” HERE.

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