Today, Wisconsin leaders and seniors commemorated the 85th Anniversary of Social Security as they praised Joe Biden’s plan to strengthen the program.

Despite the vital importance of Social Security for so many older Americans, President Trump has continued his attacks on the program. Recently, Trump delivered his latest blow to seniors, announcing his intention to permanently cut the funding source for Social Security.

Nearly 117,000 Wisconsinites rely on Social Security, while roughly 90% of retirement-age Americans receive program benefits.

“At a time when so many seniors are already at financial risk from the pandemic, Donald Trump’s threats to defund Social Security are truly callous. Our seniors can’t afford another four years of uncertainty and attacks on this vital lifeline that so many depend on. Joe Biden will not only protect Social Security, but he’ll strengthen the program so Wisconsinites can retire with peace of mind,” said Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, who is a member of Governor Evers’ Retirement Security Task Force.

“Trump has failed to get a handle on the pandemic that is causing overwhelming suffering for many seniors. Now, he is working to cut Social Security,” said State Representative Beth Meyers, who serves on the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care. “These are benefits that seniors worked hard for their entire lives, and Trump’s payroll tax plan directly threatens the program’s funding. The Obama-Biden administration enforced protections to Social Security, and Biden has made clear that he will preserve these benefits. Simply put, Donald Trump has betrayed Wisconsin seniors and we need a change in the White House.”

“Joe Biden has always put workers ahead of billionaires and corporations. While Donald Trump is making grave threats to the Social Security program, Joe Biden has shown his commitment to strengthening it. That’s why he is the only clear choice in November,” said AFSCME District Council 32 Vice President Mark Pelzek.

“I worked for years to earn my Social Security,” said Vilas County retiree Kay Hoff. “These benefits shouldn’t be toyed with or used as a bargaining chip. I’m supporting Joe Biden because he understands what it means to work hard and earn your keep. I know that Joe will fight for us and protect the benefits we’ve earned.”

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