Yesterday, on Milwaukee’s TMJ4 and WISN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke about how President Trump’s failure to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt Wisconsin’s workers and economy. He also highlighted Vice President Biden’s ability to lead the country through these crises and build our economy back better.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg highlighted the need for “leadership that will be honest with us about the pandemic” in an interview with TMJ4 in Milwaukee.

Watch on TMJ4

“Well, look, we’ve got 30 million Americans on unemployment, we’ve got some of the worst economic statistics in the history of economic statistics,” said Buttigieg. “And if you want to talk about before the pandemic, you know, the reality is economic growth under President Trump in his early years was actually slower than it was in the Obama-Biden Administration.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg emphasized Biden’s commitment to Wisconsin and the importance of safely campaigning during the pandemic on WISN in Milwaukee.

Watch on WISN

“One thing you’re definitely going to see the Biden-Harris campaign and the Democratic Party do is pay a lot of attention to Wisconsin. Our part of the country, the Midwest, is so important to deciding the future and deciding this election, and you see that in the strategy and in the engagement. We’re going to take care to only campaign in a way that is safe, to show that level of respect for voters and communities.”

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