Yesterday, Biden for President Wisconsin hosted a virtual campus rally for “National Voter Registration Day” with Pod Save America Co-Host Tommy Vietor and college students as ballots are mailed out.

Student leaders from campuses across the University of Wisconsin System — including Madison, Eau Claire, Stevens Point, and Milwaukee — discussed how students can register to vote and cast their ballots in this year’s election. The leaders, including first time voters and first time mail-in voters, also shared their personal experiences registering to vote and voting early.

Below are highlights from the event:

“You’re right that literally your campus could make the difference. The entire country could swing one direction or the other because of the work you’re doing,” said Pod Save America Co-Host Tommy Vietor. “Because you texted or called five friends, got them registered, got them to make them a plan to vote, and were just great citizens. The fact that you’re all here on this Zoom gives me a lot of hope that we’re doing the right thing, that people are paying attention, that people in Wisconsin are fired up and that there’s really smart people running campus organizations.”

“In 2016, I really didn’t have to put a ton of thought into how or where I would vote,” said Savannah Lipinski, a student at UW-Madison. “Make a plan. Know deadlines, know that your registration is correct and know how, where and when you’re going to vote. It could be my campus that makes a difference in the entire country of whether we see a Biden Presidency in 2020.”

“I’m not voting for just myself. I’m voting for everyone who is in danger when it comes to trying to vote, and I am voting for the people who fought for the right to vote,” said Mason Garrigan, a student at UW-Stevens Point who is voting for the first time.

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