Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden spoke with TMJ4 News Milwaukee’s Charles Benson. During the interview, Joe Biden spoke to the need for unity and leadership to address racial injustice, police reform, and racial disparities.

On police reform, Biden said, “I think that people are looking to unify here. I think they’re looking to get things done. I know the vast majority of police are decent, honorable women and men. And the thing is, we’re going to need more transparency, and we need to make sure that people in fact act appropriately. And, we’re going to set national standards for how police should conduct themselves.”

Addressing law enforcement officers, Biden said “what presidents say matter. And what Donald Trump does is he divides. He pits people against one another…Presidents should be talking about bringing the country together…Everybody who puts on the badge in the morning, they’re putting their life at risk, and they should be treated with respect and dignity and decency…I did not call for defunding the police. Police need more help.”

You can read and watch excerpts from the entire TMJ4 interview HERE.

TMJ4 Milwaukee: FULL INTERVIEW: TMJ4 News’ Charles Benson has 1-on-1 with Joe Biden

During his visit to Wisconsin on Thursday, Joe Biden sat down with TMJ4 News’ Charles Benson to discuss his campaign and the message he wants to spread.

Thursday marked Biden’s first stop in Wisconsin since the start of his campaign.

You can watch the full video above. TMJ4’s conversion with Biden is organized by topic below.

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