Yesterday, as part of Biden for President Wisconsin’s “Joe’s in Your Corner” tour, Racine and Kenosha leaders — including Racine State Representative Greta Neubauer, Racine City Councilmember John Tate II, and Kenosha Community Advocate Atifa Robinson — discussed Joe Biden’s commitment to protect care for people with pre-existing conditions, lower the cost of health care, address racial disparities in health outcomes, and expand coverage to all Americans. The leaders also highlighted President Trump’s ongoing attempts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

More than 2.4 million individuals in Wisconsin have pre-existing conditions, including over 300,000 children. If President Trump succeeds in his attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act, more than 150,000 Wisconsinites stand to lose their coverage, driving up the rate of uninsured nonelderly individuals in the state by 35%.

“During these uncertain and difficult times, it should be obvious to each and every one of us that Americans need access to health insurance now more than ever,” said Racine State Representative Greta Neubauer. “But instead of expanding life-saving care, Donald Trump is trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act and strip millions of their coverage in the middle of a global pandemic.”
“We have a choice between a candidate who is right now actively in the courts fighting to remove protections for pre-existing conditions and a candidate who brought those protections for pre-existing conditions to fruition,” said Racine City Councilmember John Tate II.
“Affordable health care is essential. The pandemic has highlighted health concerns that target minority populations and the only way to tackle this situation is to develop a health plan that’s equitable,” said Kenosha Community Advocate Atifa Robinson. “If we move together and work together to follow Joe’s health plan we can improve health outcomes in Wisconsin.”
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