Yesterday, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Congressman Ron Kind, and Wisconsin leaders hosted a roundtable to discuss support for Joe Biden’s candidacy among rural communities. They highlighted Biden’s plan to revitalize rural America, which would support new and beginning farmers, end Donald Trump’s damaging trade war, invest in rural broadband, and much more. Finally, the roundtable also discussed Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to help communities recover after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key excerpts are included below:

Congressman Ron Kind: “The ideas that he had as far as support for rural communities is embedded in the Build Back Better plan. We need a plan now more than ever. Not only did Joe Biden set up a national vision and strategy on how — by working together — we can defeat this coronavirus, but also what we need to do to rebuild Wisconsin and rebuild America as we emerge from this virus. That is exactly the conversation we need in the course of the campaign, and only one candidate and one ticket — Biden-Harris — have a vision to attack the virus and have a vision on where they want to take the nation…”

Secretary Tom Vilsack: “Look, you’re incredibly important. [Wisconsin] could be the deciding state. You could be the key to changing the direction of this country… This is an opportunity to not only get rid of the Trump Administration, but to bring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into the White House as president and vice president and create real momentum for true change and true improvement to the rural economy. There is an opportunity here to really restructure the rural economy to play to the great strength of the rural economy. An opportunity to improve additional income opportunities for farmers, in addition to making sure we have good export markets with fair trade agreements, and make sure we don’t take on China by ourselves, which put a huge target on the back of every single American farmer when established retaliatory tariffs and disrupted markets tremendously.”

WQOW (ABC) Eau ClaireState Democrats discuss how Biden will protect rural WI

As part of the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday, Wisconsin democratic leaders joined together on a virtual roundtable to discuss why they believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best choices for rural Wisconsinites.

Congressman Ron Kind led the discussion, calling on voters to elect Biden and Harris due to their Build Back Better plan, which includes a dedication to broadband access, renewable energy development and empathy toward struggling Wisconsin farmers.

“I’m hoping that throughout the discussion, we’ll be able to talk more in detail about what it’s going to take to revive our rural communities, support our family farmers, make that investment in our citizens in rural Wisconsin, and to rebuild rural Wisconsin the way we have to rebuild America again,” Kind said.

During the roundtable, Kind also discussed his view on President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, natural disasters and the trade war. Kind emphasized that rural Wisconsin needs a president that will fight to keep farmers afloat during difficult times.


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