On Wednesday, September 2, Senator Sherrod Brown will participate in a launch event for the Biden for President Wisconsin Leadership Tour with an event in Green Bay with manufacturing workers. At the event, they will discuss Donald Trump’s failure to provide leadership for Green Bay workers and Joe Biden’s plan to build our economy back better.

“Under President Trump’s failed leadership, our country is in the midst of multiple crises: a racial justice crisis, a global pandemic, and a devastating recession causing workers across the state to lose their jobs. Wisconsin families deserve steady, stable leadership — but Donald Trump has made our country less safe and hurt our economy by stoking chaos and division,” said Biden for President Wisconsin State Director Danielle Melfi in announcing the tour. “Through it all, Wisconsinites have stepped up to help their communities — from moms, essential workers, to small business owners, and educators. Donald Trump has abandoned our working families, and that’s exactly who Joe Biden will fight for as president.”

Further Wisconsin Leadership Tour events will be announced in the coming days.
They will showcase how Wisconsinites have stepped up and led absent real leadership from Donald Trump during the pandemic, economic downturn, and racial justice crisis.

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