Today on Appleton’s WHBY Fresh TakeSenator Tammy Baldwin spoke about Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to create good-paying jobs, invest in American manufacturing and strengthen “Buy American” provisions.

She also highlighted Trump’s failed leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and his broken campaign promises to Wisconsin workers on bringing back manufacturing jobs.

Key excerpts from the interview are included below:

Senator Tammy Baldwin: “Joe Biden is going to prioritize American manufacturing and innovation. He has a plan to create a more resilient infrastructure with American workers and input products. His plan focuses on essential workforces — those that provide health care, care for our seniors and those that take care of our children.”

“We have seen more jobs go overseas during this presidency, because of things like his tax policies that have the bulk of the tax benefit going to wealthy multinational corporations and wealthy americans. He has at every turn rewarded wealth over rewarding work. In a state like Wisconsin, where we make things, are known for making things and a huge percentage of our workforce is engaged directly in manufacturing — it has not been at all successful. We notice it in a pandemic that has exacerbated our challenges…We have heard a lot of promises from him but he has not delivered and a state like Wisconsin can see that.”

“I would like to see taxpayer dollars being invested in American workers and products…We are still way too reliant on overseas manufacturing and supply chains that have been disrupted and do not work. We should be making those products in Wisconsin…We lead the country in paper products but we could be boosting it considerably if we were making paper gowns and masks for hospital workers in America rather than overseas.”


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