Today, Packers Hall of Fame Coach Mike Holmgren released the following statement after the Green Bay Packers announced an indefinite hold on fans for games played at Lambeau Field:

“Today’s announcement makes one thing very clear — President Trump’s failure to mount a forceful response to the coronavirus pandemic has had profound consequences for Green Bay’s economy. Small businesses in the community are paying dearly. We are now months into this crisis, cases are surging across Wisconsin, and President Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get the virus under control. It didn’t have to be this bad. Joe Biden has a real plan to beat this pandemic, invest in the working class, and help Wisconsin’s economy recover. Joe will always level with the American people — he’s a man of integrity, and now more than ever, we need him in the White House. I’m urging everybody in Wisconsin to go to and make a plan to vote because together, we can get our country back on track.”

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, each Packers home game provides $15 million in economic impacts to the city of Green Bay. Overall, the Packers contribute more than $160 million per year to Green Bay’s economy. As a result of Trump’s failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the scaled-down Packers season is devastating to many Green Bay-area businesses.

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