Today, Biden for President Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield released the following statement on Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to Wisconsin:

“As we continue to confront the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment is at its highest level since the Great Depression, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites are out of work, and Donald Trump’s horrible economic policies have harmed Wisconsin at every turn. From farmers who have been forced to file for bankruptcy during the pandemic to union workers in the Fox Valley, people across the state have been left in the dust by an administration that has only rewarded the wealthy and well connected.

“Now, the Trump campaign is once again sending Vice President Mike Pence to the Badger State to do damage control for this administration’s historic failure of leadership. As VP Pence attempts to gloss over the Trump administration’s bungled response to the pandemic, the choice for Wisconsin voters could not be more clear. Instead of propping up the wealthy and powerful, Joe Biden will ensure we reopen safely, get relief to those in need, and help us Build Back Better by creating millions of good-paying jobs and supporting working families across the Badger State.”

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