Yesterday, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Congressman Mark Pocan and Wisconsin Treasurer Sarah Godlewski held a press conference to highlight Joe Biden’s bold plan for a safe reopening and economic growth. While Donald Trump’s corrupt recovery has helped billionaires and large corporations, Biden’s plan would give workers the tests and PPE they need to safely reopen, guarantee paid sick leave, restart small businesses, and more. Key excerpts from the call are below:

Congressman Mark Pocan: “Looking at what Joe Biden has released, it’s more than I’ve seen in the last three or four months – or ever – from the Trump Administration in trying to address COVID-19. […] States have largely had to fend not just on their own, but against each other in many cases. […] Clearly this administration has had no idea how to handle what’s going on from the very beginning. To call it haphazard or a disaster is really an insult to the words haphazard and disaster by what’s happened with the Trump Administration. […] [Joe Biden] is the right person right now for the stability we’re looking for, to protect jobs, to protect workers, to bring our economy where it needs to be for people in Wisconsin. You’re only going to get that with Joe Biden.”

Treasurer Sarah Godlewski: “Enough is enough. Donald Trump prioritizes tweeting over the health and safety of Americans. As the congressman pointed out, we need real leadership at the federal level and a strong president to help steer us through this crisis. And I know Vice President Biden will be that leader. Vice President Biden has proposed a clear plan that will address these concerns and anxieties that Wisconsinites are facing. It starts with workers. He has guaranteed testing and protective equipment for all workers that go back. And further, he’ll make sure workers have a voice when we reopen – and he’s guaranteed paid family leave, because at the end of the day, no one should be forced to return to work under unsafe conditions […] As a small business owner, I can tell you that reopening requires effective leadership and a plan to do that to keep our communities safe and healthy. The road to recovery is long, but Joe has a plan and the proven leadership to do this.”

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