Today on CNN’s New Day and yesterday on Appleton’s WHBY Fresh TakeSenator Tammy Baldwin spoke to Joe Biden’s ability to unite the country and help the Kenosha community heal. Senator Baldwin also highlighted President Donald Trump’s failed leadership as Wisconsin and the rest of the country works to address systemic racism, the COVID-19 pandemic, and an economic crisis.

Senator Tammy Baldwin emphasized that Joe Biden “is going to bring a message of unity” to Wisconsin:

Watch on CNN New Day

“When President Trump came he really stoked division…Vice President Biden is coming today and he is no stranger to personal loss and tragedy. He is going to bring a message of unity, he’ll listen and he has plans to follow up. Not only follow up by passing the George Floyd Policing and Justice Act of 2020 but following up on all the other things Wisconsinites care so deeply about, fighting this pandemic, bringing our economy back and fighting systemic racism”

“It is about helping a community begin to heal. Everyone I spoke to yesterday believes that they need to do that in a unified fashion and they don’t need anyone sowing division, not even acknowledging what that community has just been through.”

You can listen to the WHBY interview HERE and key excerpts are included below:

“What we saw from Donald Trump yesterday was more of the same. He failed to meet the moment and condemn violence of all kinds, no matter who commits it, and at the same time we heard nothing from him about the multiple crises that are facing Wisconsin and America. The pandemic, and the health care crisis and economic crisis that explodes from that and a call for racial justice”

“There is such a huge difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden coming to Kenosha or to Wisconsin, because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris  have forcefully condemned police brutality and called for action to end systemic racism, but also clearly speaking out against violence and destruction — no matter who perpetuates that.”

“[Joe Biden] recognizes that this moment calls for unity, not division. He would resoundingly, as you heard when he spoke in Pittsburgh this week, resoundingly reject Trump’s chaotic and divisive vision. As I speak with people in Kenosha, they are yearning to start the healing process and to have unifying national leadership…They want a different vision of bringing Americans together to address our biggest challenges, including systemic racism but also the pandemic and the economic crisis that we are facing. Rather than Trump’s diversionary tactics, Biden is up to addressing all of those and has a plan to address all of those.”

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