Today, Senator Sherrod Brown launched a Biden for President Wisconsin Leadership Tour during an event with Green Bay workers. During the listening session, Senator Brown and the workers discussed Donald Trump’s failure to support essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic and Joe Biden’s comprehensive plan to build our economy back better.

Additional Wisconsin Leadership Tour events will be announced in the coming days. The events will showcase how Wisconsinites have stepped up and led absent real leadership from Donald Trump during the economic downturn.

“There’s a contrast between Joe Biden talking about governing through the eyes of the dignity of work, and Donald Trump betraying workers day after day. When you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work. That’s all workers, whether you punch a clock or swipe a badge, whether you work for tips, whether you’re raising children…All of that matters,” said Senator Sherrod Brown.

“Folks here in Green Bay have been suffering under the Trump Administration,” said Assembly candidate Kristina Shelton. “From the teachers in our schools, to the nurses who take care of us, the essential workers who put food on our table, and the folks who deliver our mail. We’re all struggling, but we’re not going to accept that as our fate in November…Joe Biden is the leader Wisconsin and the rest of our country deserves…Joe Biden’s Build Back Better economic recovery program will invest in manufacturing jobs and workers right here in Green Bay.”

“To me, the biggest part of this failure is not having testing available to essential workers who are out in the public,” said BaLynda Croy, Wisconsin State Association of Letter Carriers Vice President and Director of Education.

“Once the schools were closed nationwide in March, our lives were essentially thrown into a pack of wolves by lackadaisical leadership, which promotes divisiveness…I had long sleepless nights with questions keeping me awake, which do lead to depression…Our president has basically said that the pandemic doesn’t exist…I’m excited to be a part of a platform that addresses the issues in a realistic way,” said Shannon Pikka, a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).

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