Today, Joe Biden released a video statement after results were reported in the Wisconsin primary election – thanking voters for their support and slamming the Republican majority in the Wisconsin state legislature for playing politics with the health and well-being of Wisconsinites. Vice President Biden also called on Congress and Donald Trump to prepare for the November election so all Americans have the option to safely exercise their right to vote.

See below for excerpts from Joe Biden’s remarks or click here to watch the full video:

“…We often speak of the sacrifices that Americans make to protect our freedoms – including putting their lives on the line. We saw that American spirit last week in Wisconsin. It’s a testament to how much respect people have for their cherished right to vote. And we saw that courage not only in those who came to vote but in the dedication of those who did the work of carrying out the election…

“But as grateful as I am for your support, and as proud I am of the commitment and courage shown by so many in Wisconsin – it never should have come to that. No one should ever have to choose between their health and our democracy.

“Instead, we saw Republicans willing to risk people’s lives for their own political purposes – refusing to work with the governor to find an alternative solution to in-person voting last week. It was more than shameful. It put lives in danger unnecessarily, and I hope no one forgets what the Republicans in the state legislature did come November.

“You know, last week’s primary in Wisconsin also sent a giant warning flare to the nation: we have to deal now – and I mean now – not tomorrow, now – with figuring out how we’re going to conduct a full and fair and safe election in November…

“Unfortunately, we’re already seeing President Trump’s attempt to undermine elections with unfounded claims about voter fraud, threatening to block essential funding for the coronavirus crisis…”

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