Wisconsin leaders are praising Joe Biden following the first general election debate. Here’s what they are saying:

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers: “Joe Biden showed what a kind, experienced, and empathetic leader he is, and that’s what we need in Washington right now. Our state cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump’s failures and divisiveness. We need and deserve a president who will bring people together, get this pandemic under control, and build back better than before.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin: “Last night, Joe Biden reassured Wisconsin’s working families that he would have their back. While President Trump has vowed to overturn protections for pre-existing conditions, Joe Biden will build on Obamacare and bring down health care costs for Wisconsin families. Donald Trump’s false promises didn’t just ring hollow, they were undercut by his own record of putting the wealthy and well connected ahead of the middle class.”

Congresswoman Gwen Moore: “Joe Biden last night made clear that he will be a president for all Americans. He held Donald Trump to account for failing the American people, and we all saw the results. Donald Trump refused to denounce and condemn white supremacists, continued to deny science, and offered a weak, chaotic performance emblematic of his weak, chaotic presidency. The people of Wisconsin deserve so much better, and Joe Biden knows that. Joe Biden is the leader we need now.”

Congressman Mark Pocan: “Joe Biden articulated a clear path forward to bring the pandemic under control, revive our economy, and make health care a right, not just a privilege. It was a class act on how to lead in a crisis and reassure Americans who are worried and scared about their future. It was also a reminder that Donald Trump is woefully unfit for office — and has no plan to protect our families and get this pandemic under control.”

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes: “Joe Biden spoke directly to the many Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, coping with the loss of loved ones to the pandemic, and worried about how to help their kids with remote school while still working. He provided reassurance that there is hope and a path forward for our country to recover.”

Congressman Ron Kind: “Joe Biden demonstrated that he has the experience to help us recover and the empathy to help our country heal. He understands the struggles and challenges of affording prescriptions, battling illness, and struggling to make ends meet — and has a plan to tackle them. He is the leader we urgently need right now in rural America.”

Congressional Candidate Tricia Zunker: “There was only one person on the debate stage who demonstrates the necessary temperament and experience we need right now to address this global health pandemic, painful economic recession, and systemic racism.  Joe Biden will unite this country and lead with honesty, empathy and integrity. He will immediately work to halt the avoidable loss of life from COVID-19 and work to ensure Wisconsinites are safe and have health care protections. Joe Biden will build up our economy and ensure opportunity for every American to enjoy a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead.  President Trump’s failure to answer truthfully and honestly along with his failure to observe decorum was difficult to watch and an insult to the American people.”




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