This week, Joe Biden traveled to Manitowoc to visit the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, where he spoke with workers and discussed his plan to bolster American industrial strength and ensure the future is “Made in All of America.”

In Manitowoc, Vice President Biden also spoke about the U.S. reaching the tragic milestone of 200,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, and 100,000 cases in Wisconsin as a result of President Trump’s failed leadership. Biden discussed how he would be a president for all Americans and unite the country by putting forward a real plan to address the public health and economic crises, creating American jobs, and buying American products.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ‘Trump panicked. The virus was too big for him’: Joe Biden rips Donald Trump in visit to Manitowoc


In the visit to Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry in Manitowoc, the former vice president spoke directly to people in the northeastern county who backed Barack Obama for president before swinging to Trump in 2016.

“I know many of you were frustrated, you’re angry,” Biden said. “You believed you weren’t being seen, respected or heard. I get it. It has to change. And I promise you this: It will change with me. You will be seen, heard and respected by me.”


Fox 6 Milwaukee: Joe Biden campaigns in Manitowoc, promises to buy American


“When I’m president of the United States, God willing, American companies with American workers building American products using American supply [chains], are going to be the only ones who get the contracts,” Biden said.

Biden also brought up the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The virus was too big for him. All his life, Donald Trump has been bailed out of any problem he’s ever faced,” Biden said. “But this was a crisis. A real crisis. A crisis that required serious presidential leadership. And Trump wasn’t up to it.”

Green Bay Press Gazette: Joe Biden recalls why boys in his high school had incentive to root for the Packers


Before heading back to Green Bay for his flight, Biden hopped out of the motorcade in Manitowoc to speak with people outside the foundry, according to a media pool report. Two young boys, one of whom wore a Packers T-shirt, came over and introduced themselves to Biden.

During his high school years, Biden attended Archmere Academy in Delaware, which was founded by the Norbertine Catholic order. The Norbertines are based at St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere, a south suburb of Green Bay.

Biden told the boys he was taught by Norbertine priests and noted that the curriculum was tough.

“But what they would do is, when the Green Bay Packers played on Sunday, if they won, in homeroom, we showed up and we got the last period off,” Biden said. “That was a way to bribe an entire group of young men, a lot of them Eagles fans and Baltimore Colts fans, to be Green Bay fans.”

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“[Trump] said, ‘I don’t have any responsibility.’ Look, this is a man who did an interview with Bob Woodward on tape and said he knew how fatally dangerous this virus was, and he didn’t say a word. If he had let people know that, it would have changed things drastically.”

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“Back in May, Columbia University released a study that said that if the president had acted just one week sooner, we would have saved 36,000 lives.”

Vice President Biden met with retired Hmong Veteran Captain Cher Kai Xiong, who served with American troops during the Secret War in Laos. Captain Xiong urged the Hmong community to vote for Joe Biden “because he specifically acknowledged the service and sacrifices that our Hmong community made for Americans during the Vietnam War.”

WAOW: Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden meets with Wisconsin Hmong Veteran


“The fact that he just wanted to be able to have that one-on-one discussion with a Hmong veteran! I mean, that means a lot to members of the Hmong community,” Yee Leng Xiong.


On Wednesday, Jill Biden hosted a virtual event with Congressman Ron Kind to discuss how to improve Western Wisconsin’s economy for women after President Trump’s failed response to the pandemic. At the event, participants discussed how Vice President Biden’s plan to build back the economy will help communities across the state.

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“He’s going to make sure that small businesses, particularly those owned by women and people of color, have the capital, technical assistance, mentorships and support that they need to survive,” said Jill Biden.

La Crosse Tribune: Local female business owners talk recovery with Jill Biden, Kind in virtual event


“Joe has spent his entire career bringing people together and getting the seemingly impossible done,” Biden said of her husband.

“You deserve that kind of leader. No matter how difficult things get, you keep fighting for your communities. And Joe will be beside you fighting all the way, and he’ll keep listening,” she said. Kind said that there was “no better listener in Washington than Joe Biden,” saying that when his son Johnny was diagnosed with cancer last year, one of the first people who called him was the former vice president, who lost a son to cancer.


On Tuesday, Biden for President Wisconsin hosted a virtual campus rally for “National Voter Registration Day” with Pod Save America Co-Host Tommy Vietor and student leaders from campuses across the University of Wisconsin System — including Madison, Eau Claire, Stevens Point, and Milwaukee. At the event, participants discussed how students can register to vote and cast their ballots in this year’s election. The leaders, including first time voters and first time mail-in voters, also shared their personal experiences registering to vote and voting early.

“You’re right that literally your campus could make the difference. The entire country could swing one direction or the other because of the work you’re doing,” said Pod Save America Co-Host Tommy Vietor. “Because you texted or called five friends, got them registered, got them to make them a plan to vote, and were just great citizens. The fact that you’re all here on this Zoom gives me a lot of hope that we’re doing the right thing, that people are paying attention, that people in Wisconsin are fired up and that there’s really smart people running campus organizations.”

“In 2016, I really didn’t have to put a ton of thought into how or where I would vote,” said Savannah Lipinski, a student at UW-Madison. “Make a plan. Know deadlines, know that your registration is correct and know how, where and when you’re going to vote. It could be my campus that makes a difference in the entire country of whether we see a Biden Presidency in 2020.”

Former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske endorsed Joe Biden this week, citing his integrity and ability to unite the country. Justice Geske was previously nominated to the bench by two Republican governors, including Tommy Thompson. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ‘I just decided I couldn’t stand it anymore’: Janine Geske, former state Supreme Court justice, endorses Joe Biden for president


Geske said this was the first time in “40 years, at least” that she endorsed a candidate for partisan office.

“I am, one, so very upset with this president and what he has done with the country and our institutions,” Geske said in an interview with the Journal Sentinel. “And, secondly, I have such confidence in Joe Biden that he’s the kind of peacemaker, intelligent, hard-working kind of guy that we need in the presidency.”


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TMJ4 (NBC) Milwaukee: ‘Too important for me not to endorse’: Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske endorses Joe Biden


“The thing I like about Joe Biden is that I think he has the capability of talking to both sides,” said the former justice. He’s been around for a long time. He’s done that in the past.”

Her endorsement comes as President Trump gets ready to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“You know she was such a remarkable woman,” said Geske “I’m concerned for our judiciary, I’m concerned for all the democratic institutions we have. And I think that it’s very important that Joe Biden get elected.”


More than 60 small business leaders from across Wisconsin endorsed Joe Biden this week. The owners from every corner of Wisconsin, who operate businesses across numerous industries, cited their confidence in Vice President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to get our economy back on track and his ability to fight for Main Street and working class families instead of Wall Street.

“Simply put: Joe Biden puts the interests of Main Street above Wall Street. He’s willing to use the same kind of elbow grease I’ve put into building my small business into running this country,” said Becca Cooke, Owner of Red’s Mercantile in Eau Claire. “I’m voting for Joe Biden because he’s willing to roll up his sleeves for everyday Wisconsinites and will help us recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin and State Senator Janet Bewley held virtual roundtables with small business owners during which they cited their confidence in Vice President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to get our economy back on track and his ability to fight for Main Street and working class families instead of Wall Street. 

These small businesses need a champion and that’s why they’ve spoken up,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin on WISN. “They are diverse, from all over the state and represent the diversity of Wisconsin ingenuity.”

“One of the biggest challenges for small businesses now is the uncertainty,” said Hugo Ramirez, Owner of Frio Mexican Ice Cream in Appleton. “You’ve got your employees, you’ve got to make rent, utilities and all of that. And you’re now saying ‘Should I keep them? Should I let them go? How long is this going to be?’”


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“We need a president that’s going to help us not hinder us,” said Wisconsin State Senator Janet Bewley of Mason.“Had we had a plan in place…we wouldn’t be in the position that we are today…and my friends here that are representative of Northern Wisconsin’s economy wouldn’t be struggling along with so many other small businesses.”
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Virtual Bus Tour made a stop in Milwaukee with DNC Chair Tom Perez, comedian Cristela Alonzo, and local Wisconsin leaders. At the event, leaders  focused on what is at stake for Latinas in this election,  highlighted Joe Biden’s vision for Latino families, and encouraged voters to make a plan to vote.

“I’m voting for people with pre-existing conditions…Healthcare is again on the ballot…Dreamers are on the ballot…When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected, we will not only continue the program, Joe Biden, on day one will introduce a bill for comprehensive immigration reform. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris understand that we must build back better. We must invest in small businesses, the lifeblood of the Latino community…The Latino community in Wisconsin is so vibrant and the Latino community can indeed make that difference this November,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez.

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