State leaders across Wisconsin are completing and submitting their ballots by mail with Election Day fast approaching. In videos released today, state leaders are highlighting the ease and convenience of casting a ballot by mail.

“Voting is easy and convenient this year, and Wisconsinites have many options to make their voices heard at the ballot box,” said Biden for President Wisconsin State Director Danielle Melfi. “Make a plan to vote by going to to register and request a ballot. Together, Wisconsinites can restore the soul of our nation, protect our health care, and get this pandemic under control by sending Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.”

Voters in Wisconsin can visit or call the hotline at (608) 336-3232 to check their registration status or learn more about voting by mail.

State Representative Greta Neubauer

“I voted for a Wisconsin and a United States where we all can thrive, where we believe that there is enough to go around, and where we take care of our neighbors…Anyone can come by at any time and drop off their absentee ballot.”

Secretary of the Democratic National Committee Jason Rae:

“Early voting is really easy and accessible. I requested my ballot online… I encourage you to early vote… Go to to learn more.”

Former State Senator Jennifer Schilling and State Senate Candidate Brad Pfaff:

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski:

“Health care is on the ballot. Roe is on the ballot. The environment is on the ballot. Look Wisconsin, our voice matters in this process and we need to make sure it’s heard… Together, we can ensure our values matter.”

State Senator Patty Schachtner:

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