We support Nada Elmikashfi because she is part of our community and she is willing to be accountable to our community. This moment is about BIPOC representing ourselves instead of having people with different socioeconomic, political status speaking “on our behalf.” This moment is about choosing candidates with a critical understanding of racism and what it truly means to be anti-racist.
The BIPOC community is not a homogenous group that has one voice. The BIPOC community is vast and diverse and we seek to disrupt the notion that (1) any one person unilaterally represents our community and (2) that BIPOC can choose only one person. We refuse to essentialize. We, the undersigned people of color – want Nada to represent us. She will be an effective representative of our values, our interests, and our community needs because we see her live them every single day.
She does what we ask of the people that represent us – hold legislators accountable for their actions and the disproportionately detrimental effects they have on our community. We know that we will be at the table drafting legislation with her. We know we will be in the room when she negotiates on our behalf. Most important of all, we know she has a strong moral core and a willingness to walk away from decisions and actions that do not benefit us. She chooses us over political career advancement. This is what we want, this is what we need.
This is our direct response to the narrative spun by the Wisconsin State Journal that one of Elmikashfi’s opponents has the “trust” of BIPOC in Madison. We speak for ourselves and we are the best judge of what is in our own best interest. We invite her into our homes, we invite her into our political spaces, and we know that with Nada we have a seat in the Capitol.
We reject the idea that if Nada were to change her tone and her behavior that she would be a better candidate and a more effective legislator. It shifts responsibility away from those that perpetuate racism and who are accountable for their actions to change them. It shifts the burden to Nada, to change who she is and how she makes people feel. We reject this form of racism.
This is the difference between electoral politics before George Floyd and after. This moment is not for candidates who are comfortable using our lives as political stepping stones.
Nada is different, and because of that, we trust her to represent us. We deserve better. We demand better.
The Undersigned BIPOC
Sadie Mae Pearson
Shiva Bidar
April Kigeya
Brandi Grayson
Tyson Vitale
Maia Pearson
Sami Schalk
Araceli Esparza
Ananda Mirilli
Mariam Maldonado
Davette BakerMounce
Savion Castro
Michael Lee Jones
Felcia Turner-Walton
Rob Franklin (Rob Dz)
Eugenia Podesta
Marcus Pearson
Bao Thao
Becky Mann
Alysia Mann Carey
Lori Mann Carey
Vince Carey
Ciera Carey
Nicole Green
Mitchell Pearson
Mike Davis
Sabrina Madison
Terrence Carey
Terrell Carey
Clyde Mayberry
Cedric Johnson
Vincent Carey III
Ashley Moncrief
Tommie Moncrief
Darcy Moncrief
Regina Cox
Amara Gobermann
Stacy Broach
Ansheera Hilliard (Ace)
Johnny Thoun
Vincent Carey III
Matthew Braunginn
Ndaziona Ndafooka
Elizabeth Ndafooka
Johnnie Walton Me to We LLC
Dominique Smith-Simon
Clifford Simon Jr.
Sarah Ishmael
John Tunstall
Sarah Galinski
Dana Pellebon
Saran Ouk
Araceli Esparza
Tia Murray The Harambee Village
Laura Valderama
Kandyce Anderson
Juan Jose-Lopez
Joe Maldonado
Sir Williams
Ana Smith
Tisha Butler
Larissa Joanna
Elena Haasl
Vic Barrett
Adrienne Blow
Madeline Doon
Francesca Hong
Karla Foster
Alice Mandt
Alexis Dean
Tuyet Cullen
José Eladio Rea
Tahira Chaudary
Mathias Lemos Castillo
Yesenia Villalpando-Torres
Aissa Olivarez
Tahira Chaudary
Jennifer Milne-Carroll
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