FRANKLIN, Wis. —  The Milwaukee District Attorney announced Wednesday that Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah would not face criminal charges after defending himself and others by shooting Alvin Cole.

Cole fled from police at Mayfair Mall and fired a 9-mm handgun at officers, before Mensah fired back. Police reports say Cole was found with 35 additional rounds of ammunition.

State Senate Candidate Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, released the following statement after the announcement:

“Justice prevailed today. Officer Mensah deserves our utmost appreciation. He did his duty and protected our community — plain and simple. Sadly, he hasn’t been receiving gratitude from his community. A few weeks ago, he was assaulted by a mob that included Democrat lawmakers chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ while showing no regard for the black lives present, including two children.

“Our police officers need to be able to defend themselves when chasing criminals firing gunshots. Community leaders need the ability to enforce law and order; they need to know they will be supported when fighting for safety.

“Unfortunately, Wauwatosa has seen an appalling lack of leadership in these difficult times. Instead of standing up for law and order, Mayor Dennis McBride and other local officials have refused to support Officer Mensah. Due to the anticipated chaos in Wauwatosa, public schools are also stopping in-person education as they anticipate further unrest and protests. These closures further hinder students’ chances of learning how to read and write and achieve their own American Dream. Wauwatosa deserves better.”

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