FRANKLIN, Wis.— On Friday, former Governor Scott Walker announced his support of
longtime conservative leader Julian Bradley in his race for the 28th Senate District.
Walker issued the following statement:

“Julian Bradley will be a great State Senator. I’ve known him for more than ten years and trust Julian to represent the people of the 28th district with passion and integrity. Julian has tirelessly worked over the past decade to advance common sense conservative ideas and to elect conservative candidates. He will fight for the taxpayers in southeastern Wisconsin and will not buckle to pressure from radicals in Madison. It is my honor to endorse Julian for the State Senate.

“It is an incredible honor to earn the endorsement of Gov. Walker,” Bradley said. “During his remarkable and transformative tenure as governor, we often worked side-by-side to keep the backbone of our party strong by supporting conservative principles and candidates. If entrusted by the people of the 28th Senate District, I pledge to continue carrying that torch and fight for the core principles of our party every single day.”

Nomination signatures are due by June 1. The primary election will be held on Aug. 11, and the general election will be held on Nov. 3.

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