[Franklin] – Julian Bradley, Republican candidate for the 28th Senate District, released the following statement regarding last night’s violence in Madison:

“Last night, a mob claiming to be fighting for racial justice tore down statues of a man who gave his life for the cause of ending slavery and a representation of expanded voting rights. The same mob brutally attacked a democrat state legislator.


“The madness and the violence need to end.


“It is the end result of a Madison philosophy that believes in appeasement: defunding police, caving in to street violence, and unable to draw any moral lines to distinguish between righteous protest and mob brutality.

“Governor Evers and Mayor Rhodes-Conway, your failure to lead is appalling, we must bring law and order back to the streets of Madison. The ignorant cowards who assaulted a State Senator must be brought to justice. Until the rule of law is restored, the cry of ‘No justice, no peace’ will take on a sad and sinister undertone.”

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