SOUTH MILWAUKEE – Conservative Franklin Mayor Steve Olson today announced his endorsement of Democrat Erik Brooks in his bid for the District 21 Assembly Seat currently held by Republican Jesse Rodriguez. A portion of Franklin’s east side is within the district.

“Mayor Brooks will bring focus to the crisis in municipal budgets being ignored by the state legislature,” said Olson, who won re-election to a third term as mayor in March. “He has dealt with state-imposed levy caps, reductions in non-levy revenue sources, unfunded state mandates, and the loss of local control for years. In Madison, he will remind legislators — many who once served as alderpersons, town board members or even mayors — that services provided by municipalities are vital to the well-being of our mutual constituents, the constituents they are now ignoring for the benefit of special-interest groups.”

Supporting a Democrat is a dramatic shift for Olson, who has long supported Republican legislative candidates representing the Franklin area, including Rep. Rodriguez.

Said Olson, “Rep. Rodriguez is a quality person whose agenda is now controlled by party leadership. It’s abundantly clear the party goals do not have the interests of the taxpayers of the City of Franklin in mind, and party leadership continues to take Franklin’s conservative vote for granted, as it has for decades. It’s time for our taxpayers to have a voice and an advocate in the legislature, not just another vote with the leadership. Erik will give us that voice. He will fight for us.

“Franklin has FOUR Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature, yet we never seem to get our legislative needs to the table, much less passed. That needs to change. With Brooks advocating for us we’ll have a chance to be heard.”

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