(Brown County, Wis.) – Brown County is pleased to announce our Brown County Broadband Speed Test Initiative.  With this initiative we are launching our new website www.browncountywi.gov/Broadband. The website allows everyone to learn what their current internet speeds are while helping Brown County pursue better infrastructure in those underserved areas.

“It is our desire that everyone here in Brown County, from school-aged youth to young entrepreneurs, small business owners and older adults have fast internet speeds in order to navigate our interconnected world,” says County Executive Troy Streckenbach. “In order to advance this goal, Brown County needs to ensure that we are getting the requisite assistance necessary to help provide for this important infrastructure.”

This site will enable Brown County to accurately identify the current internet access situation border-to-border.  The speed test tool reports actual internet speeds.  The website also provides information about what other parts of Wisconsin and the U.S. are doing to help citizens access broadband internet.

“The federal Census block map showing internet speeds is not as accurate as it needs to be,” says August Neverman, Brown County Chief Information Officer. “In order for Brown County to qualify for grants, funding, and other means to improve Internet access for all our communities, we need to demonstrate that there are areas which need much improved coverage.”

County Executive Streckenbach is asking all municipalities, community organizations, business groups, Chambers of Commerce, education advocates, health care organizations and trade groups to promote this initiative widely in their networks so Brown County can obtain the grants and other funding necessary to help expand opportunities in our region.

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