[APPLETON, WI…] Rachael Cabral Guevara today issued a statement condemning
racism, and she pushed back against an anonymous threat and racist letter Cabral-Guevara received in the mail yesterday.

“I received spiteful hate mail yesterday. First, let me say to this coward who failed to
include their name, I will not be intimidated by threats and racist attacks. I will continue
to fight for our shared values in the Fox Valley. This coward’s desire to sow hatred and fear will fail as I’m confident that the good people of the 55th Assembly District will stand tall and strong against racism and division.

“As a mom with kids at home and with the level of violence taking place throughout the
country, I cannot simply disregard this threat. I’ve shared the letter with the proper
authorities, and I’ve discussed the contents with my kids who know that we are all
stronger when we stand together.”

The contents of the letter can be viewed on Facebook at Rachael Cabral-Guevara for
Wisconsin 55th Assembly.

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