As phase 1 of the Forward Dane County plan begins, the City of Madison Parking Division will reinstate enforcement of on-street meters and Street Sweeping restrictions beginning June 1, 2020. Resident Permit-Only and 1-hour and 2-hour posted restrictions in non-metered areas will remain suspended through at least June 8, 2020.

  • 1-hour and 2-hour time-limits in non-metered areas
  • Street sweeping and Clean Streets-Clean Lakes program restrictions
  • A reminder that all other parking restrictions must still be followed.What to expect on June 1, 2020: All parking meter fees and restrictions & street sweeping and Clean Streets-Clean Lakes restrictions will be enforced.
  • Temporary restaurant pick-up loading zones will remain in effect, and the Parking Division will continue to consider requests from businesses for new temporary loading zones.
  • On-street meter fees will be required during the hours of 8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday, with the exclusions of City holidays. The posted time limit restrictions at meters (i.e. 25 min, 1- hour, 2-hour) will also be enforced.
  • Posted Street Sweeping restrictions will be enforced.
  • Resident Permit-Only and 1-hour and 2-hour restrictions in non-metered areas will continueto be suspended through at least June 8, 2020.

    Additional things to keep in mind:

    • City-owned parking garages offer a low cost, long-term parking option when parking longer than 2 hours. The City has implemented procedures for frequent disinfecting of equipment, door handles, stair railings, and other surfaces in garages for the safety of staff and visitors. Visitors can make payment using automated equipment at pay-on-foot stations (cash and credit card), and at the exit by credit card.
    • The Transportation Office remains closed to the public while working towards re-opening procedures that protect the health of staff and customers. We appreciate your patience while we prepare to safely reopen offices.

The following on-street parking restrictions will remain temporarily suspended city-wide through May 31, and will not be enforced:

  • On-street meters (time limits and fees are suspended)
  • Residential Permit Only

As the City of Madison works towards a “new normal”, we appreciate all the continuing efforts made by the community during this unprecedented time.

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Information about the Parking Division can be found at:
As a reminder, it is safest to remain home, but if you are required to leave your home, it is

recommended to wear a cloth face cover as an additional tool to prevent spreading of the virus. Please help keep our community healthy and safe by following Public Health Madison & Dane County

recommendations and guidance.

Contact Information:

Parking Division: 608-266-4761

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