(Hudson, WI) – Jason Church campaigned yesterday in Rothschild when he visited Wausau Tile. He toured the company’s facilities and spoke with employees.

During his visit, Mr. Church spoke on a variety of issues, including impeachment, Iran, and trade. WJFW highlighted Church’s support of President Trump’s trade negotiations with China, saying:

“You always need to be working towards a solution and I think that’s what the president’s doing here,” said Church. “There are obviously verification mechanisms that are being put in place by the Trump administration to make sure they are in compliance.”

WSAW noted Mr. Church’s remarks about the need for more representatives in Congress that come from outside politics:

“There is a lot of things going on in our country right now where we need leadership,” stated Church during the tour. “Leadership, in my opinion, comes from outside politics. People who have experiences much like your own, whether it’s in business or working or from the military line mine. We bring outside perspective in the dysfunction that is in Washington.”

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