You already know that this upcoming election is likely to be the most important and consequential in your lifetime. So much is at stake for all of us and for our children and for future generations.

Voting is our once chance to have a say — equal to that of everyone else in Wisconsin and in the nation — about the future for our families, our community, about the state of Wisconsin, and of the nation.

Use today to get prepared for the November 3rd Election by registering to vote (if you have not yet done so) and encourage others to register to vote today in celebration of National Voter Registration Day.

Did you know that one in four Americans aren’t registered to vote? There’s a good chance that some of your family members, friends, or neighbors are included in that number.

And, we know one of the most effective ways to get these people to register is if they’re asked to by someone they know.

Help celebrate National Voter Registration Day by registering to vote, checking your voter status, and sharing with others information about how they can register to vote, too.

You can begin by double-checking that you are currently ready to vote by going to

Then — and here’s the important part — encourage people you know who live in Wisconsin to do the same. Voters who live outside of Wisconsin can use this Common Cause tool to find out their voter registration. Share this voter registration reminder with FIVE friends so they can make sure they’re ready to go for the November 3rd election.

As Wisconsinites, our right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility, and it’s never been more important to make our voices heard — and encourage the people in our lives to do the same. Wisconsin will once again be one of the “decider” states because the vote here is expected to be very close again between the two major candidates for President.

But this is also a critically important election at every level – federal, state, and local, and we want all voters to be prepared. Even if you think you’re registered or have cast a ballot recently, verify your voter registration here.

And, if you’ve never cast a ballot before, this is your moment to take action so that you can do so. Voting is one of the most meaningful ways that you can engage in our democracy and have your voice heard and counted.


Also, if you know a student attending a college or university in Wisconsin, make a special effort to reach out to them about voting. Over half of eligible young voters (ages 18-29) do NOT cast a ballot. They need encouragement and accurate information to be able to vote in Wisconsin. Because it is not always easy, simple and straightforward here to do so.

We have important information available to share from the Common Cause Wisconsin website:

Three Things College Students Need to Do To Vote in Wisconsin

Most students already have a Wisconsin driver license or one of the other acceptable forms of photo ID for voting.

Students who do not have one of the other forms of acceptable ID for voting should look up their college/university on the appropriate list linked below to see if their student ID can be used as a photo ID to vote or if their school offers a special photo ID card for voting:

University of WI – 4-Year Schools
University of WI – 2-Year Schools
WI Private Universities and Colleges
WI Technical and Community Colleges

A serious and harmful global pandemic can’t and won’t stop us from ensuring that voters statewide have the information and resources they need to register to vote — a critical component of a free, fair, and accessible election.

Get prepared to vote in Wisconsin today.

✅ Register to vote.
✅ Have a voter compliant photo ID so that your vote will be counted.
✅ Know what’s on your ballot.
✅ Learn what the options are about how to cast your ballot.

Voting is the key to a healthy democracy. And that determines what your life will look like tomorrow and beyond.

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