City of Racine –  Today, Common Council President John Tate II issued the following statement in response to the City having the highest per-capita confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Wisconsin amidst ongoing protests against police brutality sparked by the murder of George Floyd: 

“While we face two pandemics in COVID-19 and racism, I must urge and implore Racine residents to stay home as best you can.

The solidarity and justified anger demonstrated in protests for justice for George Floyd and against police brutality are heartening, and our local statistics about COVID-19 are sobering.

While we fight to end racism, we must not succumb to Coronavirus. I implore our residents to limit their exposure and consider creative alternatives to show solidarity and protest that don’t require gatherings of large people.

Masks help. Physical distancing helps. But those strategies are for mitigating exposure when there is no other option but to venture out in public. They do not allow us to function as though the virus in no longer among us. Similarly, the arrests of the officers who killed George Floyd do not allow us to function as though racism is not still among us. Each are small steps in a much longer and larger fight.

Finally, please, if you attended a protest, please take advantage for free COVID-19 testing – I will be as I have attended recent protests, as well. There is still testing today at Case High School. There will be more coming to the City of Racine in the coming weeks. 

Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Stay safe. Stay home. #blacklivesmatter.”

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