APPLETON – Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson issued the following statement, in response to HHS Secretary Andrea Palm’s statewide order regarding mass gatherings:

“We live in a national hot spot.  Not since World War II, has a governor been confronted with such an existential threat as COVID19. While there has certainly been no shortage of debate on the governor’s actions, we are well beyond squabbling. It is time the legislature ends the partisanship and political gamesmanship and support our governor.

Lawsuits will not limit the spread of the virus. Threats to our public health officers will not move COVID into the next county. Excuse making will not make the virus go away.

I fully support the governor’s sensible and much needed mass gathering order to arrest the increasing and alarming rate of growth of COVID cases in the Fox Valley as well as his provision for CARES Act support for businesses.

Finally, I want to thank the medical community, including our own health care professionals.  They constitute the last line of defense against COVID. The least we can do to honor their work is support the Secretary’s order.”

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