MILWAUKEE – Supervisor Ryan Clancy and Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic issued the following joint statement regarding his arrest Sunday night:

“We are proud to welcome our neighbors, families, and all seekers of justice to Bay View today for a peaceful protest in support of justice for George Floyd.

“We stand in solidarity with you and our nation who deserve true healing and real criminal justice reform now. Protesting is a core value of a healthy democracy and similar protests happened in Bay View for the 8-hour workday we all now enjoy.

“Not only do we welcome you, we join the call for an end to white supremacy, anti-blackness and recommit ourselves as elected officials to challenge the institutional racism at the city and county governments we are elected to serve.

“We will scrutinize the local police budgets with a goal to redirect funds to community-based violence prevention and much needed social services like healthcare, mental healthcare and childcare for all. Immediate training on de-escalation and positional asphyxiation must happen to prevent loss of black and brown lives. We must improve law enforcement oversight policies to ensure that investigations into misconduct are independent, fair and justice is served quickly.

“We seek to unite, not divide and being complicit is not an option, especially knowing the decades of systemic oppression that has benefited us as white Milwaukeeans must be dismantled and rebuilt.

“Bay View will welcome all today as we recommit ourselves to equality and exclaim Black Lives Matter.”

Supervisor Ryan Clancy was arrested Sunday night while protesting the murder of George Floyd. He has filed an official complaint to the Fire and Police Commission regarding this incident.

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