MILWAUKEE – Zeno Wilson, a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 208 in Milwaukee, and resident of the 14th District, recently completed a restoration of the Wilson Park Gazebo as part of his Eagle Scout project. Supervisor Jason Haas commended Zeno for his efforts in a statement released Thursday.


“I’d like to congratulate Zeno for planning and completing an Eagle Scout project that embodies the ingenuity and community spirit characteristic of all Eagle Scouts,” said Supervisor Haas. “Zeno’s project provides a quality of life improvement for the residents of the 14th District and Milwaukee County who spend time enjoying Wilson Park. Thanks to Zeno’s leadership and hard work, the renovated gazebo can be utilized for years to come.

Zeno will be honored at a ceremony Saturday, October 24 at 10 a.m. at the Wilson Park Gazebo, 1601 W Howard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221. The project, which began in fall 2019, was documented on a Facebook page created by Wilson.

Zeno collaborated with friends, family members and community groups to make several improvements to the gazebo, including replacing overgrown bushes with a flower bed, building and installing new railings, and adding a fresh coat of paint. The project received donations from businesses and individuals both locally and across the nation.

In September 2019, Zeno started his Boy Scout Eagle Project as a 15-year old Life Scout. The work took place on 27 workdays, over 13 months.

Zeno calculated that in total, he and a group of 28 volunteers spent a total of 345 hours on the project. Zeno work accounted for 125 of those hours. Eighteen of the volunteers were youth, 10 were adults. The youth volunteers were comprised of scouts, friends, and classmates.

Through fundraising efforts, Zeno raised $560 towards the total project cost of $700. Donations from family helped cover the rest. Many in-kind donations were also provided.

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