KENOSHA – Angela Cunningham, running for Circuit Court Judge in Kenosha’s Branch 6, earned an array of endorsements last week from leaders across Kenosha.

Rep. Tod Ohnstad of Assembly District 65 in Kenosha provided a resounding endorsement, “I’m pleased to endorse Angela Cunningham. She will provide diversity in our judiciary. Her broad range of experience will make her an excellent addition to our Kenosha County Court System.”

Cunningham also received endorsements from Appellate Court Judge, Joe Donald, Marquette Law Professor, Ed Fallone, Braver Angels state co-coordinator, Cameron Swallow, and the Coalition for Dismantling Racism.  

As the campaign gains serious momentum, Cunningham remarked, “It is energizing and heartening to see this outpouring of support. I’ve been a fierce community advocate, guardian of our most vulnerable, and dedicated my life to justice. I am proud and honored to see my vision resonate deeply across our community.”

Cunningham maintains a deep, holistic legal portfolio with experience as a prosecutor, guardian ad litem, and defense attorney. Moreover, she has an extensive career in social work and is active as a community advocate in Kenosha.

“I have worked on all sides of the law, I’ve lived through crucial experiences and made the hard decisions which prepare me to become a Judge. We can be smart on crime and deliver an inclusive, empowering vision for justice,” Cunningham commented on her diverse array of endorsements and supporters.

Primary voting takes place February 16th 2021, with ballots cast on April 6th for the general election. If elected, Cunningham will make history as the first Black person elected to the bench in Kenosha.

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