Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez announced the appointment of the 15-person Platform Drafting Committee which is responsible for developing and managing the process through which the Democratic Party’s National Platform is established. According to DNC rules, the members of the drafting committee are appointed by the DNC Chair.

Chair Perez also named Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to serve as Chair of the Drafting Committee.

“This is a challenging time for our country, and the American people are hungry for Democratic leadership. That’s why it’s critical for us to engage a wide array of stakeholders on the issues that matter most to working families,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Crafting our party platform is important work, and I’m confident that the members of this committee will engage Americans in a substantive dialogue of ideas and solutions that will articulate our party’s vision for the country and mobilize voters in every community to elect Joe Biden. Democrats are fighting to build a better future for all, and the American people know we’re the only party that has their back.”

“Repairing the damage that Donald Trump has done to this country will be the work of generations, but it begins with electing Joe Biden this fall and implementing what will be without a doubt the most progressive platform in our party’s history. I am honored to chair the committee that will draft it and am looking forward to the work ahead of us,” said Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

The appointed members of the Platform Drafting Committee are:
Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (GA), Chair
Dr. Tony Allen (DE)
Stuart Appelbaum (NY)
Congresswoman Katherine Clark (MA)
Senator Tammy Duckworth (IL)
Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX)
Dr. Heather Gautney (NY)
Don Graves (OH)
Congresswoman Deb Haaland (NM)
Analilia Mejia (NJ)
Josh Orton (WI)
State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez (FL)
Julianne Smith (DC)
Richard Trumka (PA)
Fmr. Secretary Tom Vilsack (IA)
Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Ex-Officio Member – 2016 Platform Drafting Committee

As provided in our Rules, Carmel Martin, Senior Policy Advisor for the Biden Campaign, will serve as a non-voting member of the Committee.

In addition to the members of the Drafting Committee, the DNC also announced that Andrew Grossman and Leah Bess Moody will be leading the outreach efforts to engage Democrats in the platform process. Andrew Grossman will serve as Platform Director, a role he has held for the past two conventions. Leah Bess Moody will serve as Platform Deputy Director.

Additional information about the platform meetings and ways for interested parties, allied groups and members of the public to provide their ideas on the platform will be announced in the coming days.

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