(MADISON, WI) — The following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler on tonight’s special election results in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District:

“Trump went all in for Tom Tiffany and got egg on his face. For Trump to win reelection, red areas have to get redder to balance out blue areas getting bluer—but tonight, thanks to the terrific campaign run by Tricia Zunker and the organizing work of thousands of volunteers, Wisconsin’s reddest Congressional district swung drastically towards Democrats.

“Tricia Zunker was a powerhouse candidate running a brilliantly-executed campaign in a district gerrymandered to lock in Republican victories. In a district that went for Trump by 20 points in 2016, Tricia led a vital, honest and principled campaign centered on the issues that keep Northern and Western Wisconsinites up at night. Over her career serving the public, Tricia has proven to be a relentless advocate for Wisconsin’s working people, and her star is only rising. Moreover, Tricia’s historic candidacy will pave the way for more Native Wisconsinites to seek elected office. We couldn’t be more thankful for her leadership, and for the work of every volunteer that made calls and sent texts to support her.

“Meanwhile, Trump’s base is cracking. Whether it’s been Trump’s chaotic handling of wreckless trade wars, his cheerleading for agricultural monopolies, or his disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rural voters are running away from Trump because they know they can’t afford four more years of his broken promises in the Oval Office.

“The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will continue to organize every square inch of Wisconsin over the coming 175 days. We’re taking no voter for granted and intend to earn every vote cast for Democrats in November.

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