MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Sustainability and Business Support Program released today its 2020 report highlighting the DNR’s free, non-regulatory services that support Wisconsin’s business community in enhancing sustainable environmental practices that support the state’s economic engine while ensuring a healthy and robust environment.

The report explains the tools available to Wisconsin’s business community no matter where they are on their environmental path.

“Through a concerted effort, the DNR bolsters a full suite of programs dedicated to providing the assistance necessary to any customers seeking to responsibly manage the environmental resources within their footprint,” said DNR Secretary Preston D. Cole. “No matter if businesses are inquiring about the need for permits, striving to reduce their risk or want to continue to improve their environmental performance, our programs are tailored to suit their needs.”

Readers of the report will learn about the DNR’s non-regulatory Small Business Environmental Assistance staff and how they help businesses start-up and expand. Within the report, business experts speak on how the revamped Enviro-Check program helps customers evaluate their operations to manage compliance risks.

The report features testimonials from environmental leaders participating in the Green Tier program to go beyond compliance. Also highlighted are recent program enhancements and outreach efforts to improve the services provided to Wisconsin’s business and economic development community.

Contained within the report are featured quotes and business spotlights on:

  • A Small Business Environmental Council member’s insights on the benefits of DNR’s business services;
  • How a prominent construction company uses its Green Tier experience to go beyond compliance;
  • How a foundry is taking advantage of a newly developed air permit to help them reduce their environmental impacts more efficiently.

For more information about the Sustainability & Business Support report, visit the DNR webpage here.

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