MADISON, Wis. – Hunters checking out the regulations before heading into the field might notice something a little different this year. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has combined its hunting regulations into one convenient document.

The new regulations are printed on larger paper, with color photographs and graphics, along with simplified language for all huntable species in Wisconsin.

“We think these condensed regulations will make things simpler for hunters,” said Scott Karel, DNR regulation policy specialist.  “Rather than needing to track down multiple hunting regulations pamphlets for different hunting activities, all have been condensed down to one, reducing the number of lines of text and saving money at the same time.”

The regulations are available at many license agents throughout the state. They’re also posted on the DNR website in English, Spanish and Hmong.

The DNR plans to continue producing separate trapping regulations pamphlets.

More information on hunting, including regulations and season dates, is available on the DNR website. For more updates throughout the fall hunting seasons, follow the DNR on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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