MADISON, Wis. – Gov. Tony Evers today announced the suspension of certain administrative rules pertaining to certification renewal deadlines, examinations and continuing education requirements for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-certified waterworks, septage servicing, water system, and wastewater treatment plant operators. Emergency Order #30 is available here.

The order recognizes that waterworks, septage servicing, water system and wastewater treatment plant operations are part of Wisconsin’s essential infrastructure as defined in the Safer at Home Order, and ensures that Wisconsin residents and businesses will continue to be provided with clean drinking water, and have their wastewater treated and septage systems services by experienced operators.

The order is effective immediately will remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency as declared in Executive Order #72.

Operator certification requirements suspended under this order include:

  • Waterworks operator certification examination applications and application fees
  • Waterworks, wastewater treatment plant and septage servicing operator certificate expiration and renewal dates
  • Certain water system, wastewater treatment plant and septage servicing operators continuing education requirements
  • Water system certification examinations
  • Water system certificate expiration dates
  • Wastewater treatment plant operator examination application deadlines

The Department of Natural Resources will continue to prioritize any licensing, inspection, or permitting needs related to directly responding to the public health crisis.

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