Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) continues its focus on customer service and innovation by simplifying its most-used form, the Title/License Plate Application (MV1). DMV created a new online guide to walk customers through the detailed application and to estimate fees.

“This new online guide takes the guesswork out for customers,” DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman said. “Individuals who want to title a vehicle or apply for license plates will be lead step-by-step through the application. All the fees will be assessed for the customer’s specific situation and location.”

More than 9,600 customers each month use the Title/License Plate Application MV1 form. With this online guide, available at MV1.WI.GOV, screens are customized to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and information provided. This online guide can be used for:

  • A vehicle title only
  • New license plates, including some special plates
  • Both vehicle title and registration
  • Transfer plates

DMV’s new MV1 online application guide helps customers estimate the fees:

  • The title fee
  • The 5 percent state sales tax, unless the individual fits one of nine exemptions
  • The local sales tax, which varies depending on which county the vehicle will be kept in
  • Miscellaneous fees, including electric or hybrid surcharge, wheel tax established by municipalities, gross weight fees for vehicles larger than autos
  • Processing fees

“Estimating the correct fees is the most common error we see on this form and the biggest cause for delays in customers getting their plates or titles,” Boardman said.

Most Wisconsin vehicle owners currently have three options to title or register a vehicle they purchased through a private sale. They can use DMV’s completely-automated process (eMV Public), a 3rd party agent, or finish the application themselves and mail the documents to DMV.

Some individuals, like those who bought a vehicle out-of-state, don’t qualify for the online eMV Public automatic process and must work through the Title/License Plate Application (MV1) themselves. Using this new MV1 Online Application Guide to fill in the fields, estimate the fees, and print the application simplifies the process.

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