MADISON — Today, murals were installed on the exterior of 30 W. Mifflin St., the building that houses the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

Over the past few months, the Veteran Print Project has been working on murals that would cover much of the street level of the building. The Veteran Print Project has been working directly with Dane Arts Mural Arts, Dane Arts, and with building owner Greg Rice and his building management company to implement a plan for images that represent Wisconsin veterans. The Veteran Print Project has worked with veteran artists and the local veteran community to depict Wisconsin veterans, tell their stories, and raise awareness of the contributions of veterans in the community once their military service ends. The Veteran Print Project is run by Yvette Pino, an Iraq combat veteran. View the Veteran Print Project’s news release about the murals here.

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Mary Kolar made the following statement regarding the artwork:

“It is fitting that during the week of Veterans Day that art celebrating the contributions of Wisconsin veterans is installed on the exterior of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

“The Museum contains the artifacts and stories of Wisconsin veterans who have offered everything, up to and including their lives, in service to our country.  This museum exists for all citizens, veteran and non-veteran.  This Museum is a Wisconsin and national treasure and its motto, ‘Every Veteran is a Story’ is very fitting. The murals depicting our fellow brothers and sisters on the exterior encourage all to learn and appreciate those stories.

“To our veterans and artists who dedicated your time and phenomenal skill to creating these images, we can’t thank you enough. I’d also like to thank Fabu, Madison Poet Laureate emeritus and daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, for her inspiring words. All who pass by these images will see the diversity and commitment of Wisconsin veterans; visual presentation of who they are and how much they contributed to our country.

“We must also recognize the tension that exists in our country right now.  This corner of our capitol square has been a canvas for over 5 months documenting the strife that continues.

“I hope these images and the words that accompany them will inspire all to work together to overcome this strife.  In the past, we have worked together to address inequities and disparities.  We must increase our efforts now and in the future.  I hope the people whose images are represented here will inspire us to have the courage and commitment to ensure true justice for all.”

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