HAGER CITY, WI – Today, Derrick Van Orden is proud to announce the endorsement of Rob O’Neill, a highly decorated fellow Navy SEAL and the man who killed Osama Bin Laden. Derrick has also been endorsed by SEAL PAC, an organization committed to electing conservative veterans to lead in Washington.

Rob O’Neill released the following statement in support of Derrick Van Orden:

“SEAL PAC and I are honored to endorse Derrick for Congress. He has defended our nation as a Navy SEAL and is getting back into the arena to fight for our rights as American citizens in Congress. It is time for some straight talk and proven leadership in D.C., and Derrick will bring that.”

Derrick Van Orden released the following statement in response:

“I am absolutely humbled by Rob O’Neill and SEAL PAC’s endorsement. He is a true American hero who has served our nation at the highest level. SEAL PAC is comprised of amazing Americans who love our nation and work everyday to keep her great! Thank you.”

To learn more about Derrick, visit vanordenforcongress.com.

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